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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Oct 2006

JANEY KIRK- Sweetheart Darlin’ Of Mine

Janie has been playing the social club circuit across Scotland for many years, although is perhaps not well known in the Country clubs. This album should gain her more recognition by Country fans.
Janey proves herself to be a good vocalist, whilst the backing is superb. The delivery is excellent throughout the album.
The variety is quite impressive. She hasn’t gone for too well known covers, they best known one’s probably being Jim Glaser’ “Who Were You Thinking Of”, Merle Haggard’s “Pancho & Lefty”, and kd lang’s “Big Bone Gal”.
There’s a bit of Billie Jo Spears in here, but not instead of “Blanket On The Ground” or “57 Chevrolet”, Janey has covered album BJS tracks like “ Love Ain’t Gonna Wait For Us”, “If You Want Me” & “Silver Wings & Golden Rings”,
Then she Countryfies Dylan by covering “Senor” and “Farewell Angelina”. Both songs are given a really fresh treatment, and are probably my two favourite tracks on the album.
Janey is an accomplished writer as well, and has recorded 4 of her own songs on the album. I really liked the lyrics of “Clubland Singer”, which pays tribute to her fans. Despite telling about “singing her Country songs”, the instrumentation is just a shade rocky. “ Too Hot To Handle” is also just a bit too poppy, although Janey has obviously putr a lot of work into the song’s construction.
“How Could You Leave Me Now” is much more breezy and commercial, and I did really enjoy “Peace & Comfort” which closes the album in quite a sad & reflective mood.
A well produced, well sung album, with quite a mixed bag of songs. Well worth checking out.
Available from Janey Kirk Management on (01592) 716252

HANK WILLIAMS JR- That’s How They Do It In Dixie

Unlike Waylon & Willie, who were accepted by the Nashville fraternity, Hank Jr has struggled to really get the recognition he deserves. He did have over 100 Country chart hits, with a handful of No.1’s in the early 80’s, but, despite still playing and recording regularly, we haven’t really heard as much as we should have about the guy.
This album may change things. It’ll rekindle memories for the fans he had in the 80’s by including classics like “Family Tradition”, “All My Rowdy Friends”, “A Country Boy Can Survive”, “Whisket Bent & Hell Bound” and “Born To Boogie”.
For the traditionalists there’s his 1989 “duet” with dad Hank Senior on “Tear In My Beer”.
There is, in fact, only two new songs on the album. The title track brings Hank into the modern “Music City Mafia”, by teaming up with Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson and new group Van Zante. The song, may get Ol’Junior back onto Country radio, but the song isn’t a patch on the rest of the album. “Stirrin’It Up” is the other new song, which is a heavy Country rocker, but with a philosophy that is clearly an older & wiser Hank, from the self acclaimed Old school. Changed days.
One for the memories!

BURRITO DELUXE - Disciples Of The Truth

The name Burrito has a strong history in Country music. The Original Flying Burrito Brothers goes back to 1968 when Chris Hillman & Gram Parson rekindled the Country rock sound that they made so sweetly with The Byrds. By 1980, Parsons had gone & Hillman had moved on, but the Burrito Brothers lived on, and notched up a string of minor hits (the highest chart position reached was No.18 with “She Belongs To Everyone But Me”).
In 2006, the name has been reborn, under the leadership of Carlton Moody (of the Moody Brothers).
This album has a beautiful Country rock sound. It’s The Eagles, Poco, Alabama, and of course, The Byrds, all rolled into one. The musicians, and the vocal harmonies all blend together beautifully.
It would be difficult to pick out any particular tracks.
“When The Summer’s Over” is quite haunting, and stands out for being a bit different. “Encino” has quite a rolling beat that your foot tappin’, and there’s some nice accordian coming through on “Wrong Side Of Town” and “Out Of The Wilderness”. “Midnight At A Red Light”, released to radio before their European summer tour has a strong driving beat.
Burrito Deluxe are quite unique in 2006. They have neatly recalled that 70’s & 80’s Country rock sound with good strong vocal harmonies- something that is so rare these days.
Play and enjoy!

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