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Wednesday 9 February 2011

Aug 2006

Glasgow based AUDREY KELLY was introduced to Scotland’s Country fans on the recent George Hamilton IV tour recently, and has also released a very interesting album, “Something Funny Goin’ On”.
Most of the songs are originals , from the pen of Perthshire based Alex Birnie. This is a bold move for a first album, but a very welcome one- original material gets very little exposure, especially in Country music.
The two covers she tackles are “Always On My Mind”, which is quite pleasant, but it’s Patsy Cline’s “Lonely Street” really finishes the album on a high. It’s a superb arrangement, with some really effective accordian breaks.
“Don’t Call Me Darlin” stands out as the most Country, and radio friendly track on the album. It should pick up some good airplay.
“Wasted Tears Wasted Years” and “If That’s So Wrong” are also very strong Country numbers, which display really rootsy vocals, not unlike Brenda Lee or Barbara Fairchild
Audrey also delivers some beautiful ballads, with a lot of feeling. Worth mentioning here are “This May Be Life” and “Time Is Healin”.
The instrumentation from Jimmy Glen & Jim Cassidy is first class, and brings out the best in Ms Kelly.
Audrey is relatively new into the Country market, but is set to make her mark very quickly. Here in Scotland, we don’t have artists prepared to really make a push, like the Irish or Americans do. I’ve a feeling Audrey may be the one to break the mould.
“Something Funny’s Goin’ On “ is available from Country Road Records, on 01764 862962 or from the website
RASCALL FLATTS are one of the most successful American “boy bands”. They’ll be familiar the readers who tune in regularly to 3C, but perhaps not household names among traditional Country fans.
These guys paid their dues playing in a club in Nashville’s Printers Alley. Last year they played for 750,000 fans 70 cities across the US. Their “Feels Like Today” album was the biggest selling Country album of 2005, and they were the most played act on American Country radio last year.
Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see what all the fuss is all about.
The trio of Gary LeVox,Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus (apart from having rather non Country names) don’t stand out amongst the Lonestar’s of this world. Their music is pleasant enough, but they just don’t have a sound that stands out.
But , now Rascall Flatts have arrived in Britain. Lyric Street Records have released their latest album, “Me & My Gang” in the UK.
The title track is pure pop drivel. It just isn’t Country at all.
There are some nice ballads, notably “Ellsworth”, “What Hurts The Most”, “I Feel Bad” and “To Make Her Love Me”, which are quite listenable.
The track which stands out on this album, however, is “Backwards”, a musical version of the tired old joke about playing a Country song backwards, and you get your wife back, your life back, your dog back etc.. Not lyrics that impress the traditionalists!
If you like what is considered, modern Country music, than you’ll enjoy this album. It’ll do nothing for the real Country fan though!
Vince Gill lookalike, DAVID BROADLEY launches his “Baby Blue” album, with a mainly mainstream list of covers, like “Dance The Night Away”, “Danny Boy” and “Let Your Love Flow”.
There’s also very passable versions of the Eddy Arnold/Neal McCoy classic, “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye”, Eddie Rabbit’s “Driving My Life Away” and John Berry’s “Your Love Amazes Me” .
There’s also a few more MOR styled numbers like “Sweet Gypsy Rose” and “My Special Angel”.
Kiwi David has a good voice, and the album is well produced by Dan Wesley, with contributions from Sarah Jory and John Permenter amongst others.
Well worth an easy listen.
You can buy from David’s website ot Tel 07969 544012.
Local favourites RAMBLING FEVER are back with “Girl From Yesterday”.
Self produced in their own studio’s, John & Gordon deliver another dozen covers, from the likes of The Eagles, Hank Williams, Don Williams, The Shadows, Alan Jackson & Toby Keith. As you see, a good variety.
The album begins with a bouncy “Future On Ice” and goes right through to the really rockin version of “Cest La Vie” which closes the album. Inbetween, there’s “Tequilla Sunrise” and “Girl From Yesterday” to “Who’s Your Daddy” & “Here In The Real World”.
I reckon the stand out tracks are Hank’s “Mind Your Own Business”, “She’s Got The Rythym”, which really show’s John’s vocals , and the instrumental “Apache”.
They always brew up a storm on stage, and , once again, they’ve captured that live sound onto disc.
“Girl From Yesterday” is available at Rambling Fever gigs, or from 0141 583 5145
THE DIXIE CHICKS have released their first album, “Taking The Long Way”, since exercising their free speech in London three years ago. Country radio shut them out, and the Chick’s reportedly walked away from Country music when putting this new CD together.
However, those statisticians who compile the charts, don’t know if it’s Country , Rock or Pop fans who buy records, so the album goes right to the top of the Country charts!
Whether this is a Country record or not, it is a Dixie’s record. The harmonies are as strong as ever. The instrumentation, is not alien to Country fans.
The CD cover pics will appeal to Goths before Garth fans, however.
That leaves the subject matter.
Surely any song that mentions a Texas town must be Country. Well, actually “Lubbock or Leave It” is one of heaviest & rockiest number on the album. Better leave it.
However, that’s not typical of the whole album. “Bitter End”, “Silent House”, “Baby Hold On” ,“So Hard” and especially “Everybody Knows” are the tracks that appealed to my Country ears.
If you’ve enjoyed the Chick’s previous albums, you’ll enjoy this, although there’s no instant commercial hits like “Tonight The Heartache’s On Me”.

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